Fitzhugh’s Sculpture collection developed directly out of a series of wood sculptures done by the artist. Forms intersect and weave together in silver in the same way that salvaged and carved wooden pieces do in Fitzhugh’s studio.

The Sculpture collection features Necklaces and Pendants, Rings, Bracelets and Cufflinks. Finishes are available in both Satin Stone and Sculptural Bronze. The collection features a range of colored stones including Malachite, Red Tiger Eye, Hematite and Pyrite.

As a sculptor and designer Fitzhugh Karol draws inspiration from his surroundings in Brooklyn, NY. While carving and shaping forms in wood, found and salvaged material provide insight and new ideas and music often acts as a muse to the combination of those forms.

See the sculptures that inspired the collection and other work at Fitzhugh Karol Sculpture.